The Complete Guide to Choose the Right Hiking Boots

A thousand mile trip begins with one step. Hiking shoes is the first choice when hiker climb mountains . It is very important to choose a pair of hiking shoes that are comfortable and high quality with reasonable price. How to choose a pair of hiking shoes? Actually, it depends on your own feet and hiking route.
1. the most important thing is the size. Different size standard in different country cause size a little differently. So its better trying shoes by yourself.
2.During climbing mountain, we will encounter a particularly humid environment or snow, which cause feet in wet. Hiking shoes with enough open space will help hiker put on and off shoes in easily.
3.Hiking shoes is high request in waterproof.While tongue is the weakest part in water resistance. So pls check carefully the tongue design which is waterproof or not when you buy it.
4. Sometimes, it is inevitable to kick something. Good hiking shoes with textile part in toe and back heel will protect foot. Toe part hard enough also will protect the toes. What more, hard heel part will help you step steady and get foot print in snow area.
5.It is hard to judge a shoes is good or not from appearance. But you can check the joint part and tongue stitching detail for reference. Nice stitching of upper will make shoes in good waterpoof . Nice gluing between outsole and upper will make shoes in long time wearing.
6.When you try shoes on, take a few steps to feel if your feet are comfortable and if there are any part hurt your feet. Shoes can not be too tight, which will cause feet blood in poor flow and feet will be feel cold. Shoes should not be too small or too large. Small shoes cause toe uncomfortable. Big shoes cause shoe put off when walking. What’s more, usually person shoes in afternoon is bigger than evening. Pls considering it.
Friendly recommend a comfortable and good-looking hiking shoes,please check below

Post time: Nov-02-2022